HR Performance Review System
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HR Performance Review System

HRPS is a Human Resources Performance Review System providing a 360° evaluations of company employees.


BGO Software



Project Timeline

2017 - 2019


Technology stack

Technology Stack

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The Need

Developed by BGO Software, for internal use in our Human Resources Department, HRPS is a fully equipped SaaS for evaluating, determining career paths, self-improvement methods, and overall performance of the company employees. 

The Challenge

A project of such scale demanded customization of grant proportions. Being a Software development company with a significant human resource of professionals, BGO mapped a full range of options, that the end-product should deliver. 

The functionalities HRPS had to include were numerous, starting from not subjective metrics and evaluation of personal skills, technical stack, performance ratios and many more. The list started to pile up. 

BGO goals for this ambitions project included also:

  • Unambiguously clear scoring systems 
  • KPI overview and setting
  • Detailed charts and infographics
  • Feedback options
  • Templated surveys for evaluation
  • Team performance reports 
  • Role-mapping on the full organization structure
  • Provide all employees a clearly defined path for career grow (coupling personal development from both technical and non-technical perspective)
  • Unique Google-like surveys for clients to map suggestions and evaluations

and many additional resources specifically serving the Project management and Team leads

The main challenge was to be able to maintain all of these features and functionalities in the most comprehensible display possible so that any Human Resources team member can use them in his/her line of work. 

HRPS is meant to suit also the needs of a non-technical department, so being user-friendly and with a clear data visualization was a crucial point, besides other processes that had to be performed simultaneously. 

Тhe Solution

Our professional developers managed to meet all of the requirements set for HRPS and with proper Project management, the end-user interface and functionalities effortlessly apply all needed resources for an HR Department and Management to reach optimal workflow. 

Many additional tools were added to our employee’s Performance Review System, enabling upper management to monitor and determine the best approach of training the employees according to their personal skillset (both technical and non-technical). Being able to draw a clear career path for every single employee, providing him with valuable learning materials helping him in the preparation for the next level with significant resource packages. 

HRPS gives a unique opportunity for Team Leads and Project managers to customize surveys with dynamic templates that allow established company roles to enroll questions providing feedback only to areas he/she is qualified for.

Value Delivered

HRPS successfully manages to assemble information, graphics, and summaries that give any organization a clear view on how individuals and teams are performing and how to improve their performance. 

In addition, when it comes to clients’ references, our HR Software gives the opportunity for management to receive surveys on how BGO Software specialist performed under a specific project, based on direct client opinions and recommendations. 

The product allows efficient management of the Employee internal training – starting from the small targets and going to the complete career path (from Junior to Architect – when technical position).

BGO Software used the best-known practices in software development to assemble a product that gives any organization a tool for HR evaluations. 

In addition, many organizations found our internal HR System advantageous. So we customized it to meet an additional stack of Human Resources and Management goals, prevalent for human capital professions and BGO Software established HRPS as a quality SaaS.

Our HRPS exceeded all expectations and is successfully implemented as the main HR Performance Review System.

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