Learning Management System solution
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Learning Management System solution

ZUNO is a highly Intelligent LMS for creating, managing, distributing and evaluating a great number of learning processes.


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Technology stack

Technology Stack

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The Need

Zuno LMS is a web-based application for creating, managing, distributing and evaluating a great number of learning processes in the form of online courses. Our software system provides instructors with an opportunity to create content and deliver it to a specific group of people.

The Challenge

In order for our LMS product – ZUNO to serve the needs of the end-user, our developers managed to offer a vast variety of features and options, that take e-learning to the next level, by using the latest technology and implementing the best-known UI/UX trends in a dashboard of high-end features:  

  • Data Import & Export
  • Customization and Branding
  • User Registration and E-Commerce
  • Content Management and Course Catalogue
  • Student Portal and Notifications
  • Course-interactivity, plus Compatibility and Supported Devices
  • Course Delivery
  • Coursework Grading
  • Affiliates management and API
  • Predictive learning and Recommended courses

Тhe Solution

BGO developers managed to create a sophisticated web-based e-learning system by adding functionalities and features that make ZUNO a distinctive solution in its niche.

Advanced Statistics & User Insights – Learners, managers, and admins generate reports in five clicks or less. Ensures real-time, on-demand access to business-critical information, including individual learning progress, knowledge asset demand, learning level, and other key analytics. Supports different export formats.

Single Purchase & Subscription Plans – Supports multiple payment methods: credit card, invoice, and purchase order. Packages functionality automatically adds a discount percentage based on the number of courses added in the shopping cart. Subscription functionality allows a set of an unlimited number of subscription plans that give access to all of the certified training courses.

Improved Course Management – Access controlled discussion forums, IM chat for learners, instructors, and admins, Search capabilities, Assessment/survey tool, Competency management, Modern UI and Mobile responsive, Learner dashboard, Recommends courses based on the previously undertaken and/or completed ones.

Value Delivered

Zuno LMS is all about interaction and convenience in terms of e-learning, cost- and time-savings. Companies, enterprises, universities, corporations, educational institutions, and many others are given a chance to take advantage of the myriad e-Learning opportunities, which are flexible and adjustable.

Sales training, corporate training, compliance and consultancy training – all of them turn into easy, smooth and pleasant to do projects. The benefits are many and variable.

ZUNO Learning Management System Software is a product of excellency and implies Top Features, that revolutionize training practices and learning processes by: 

  • Collecting all the training information in a consolidated system
  • Efficient and consistent learning methods
  • Advanced tracking and reporting techniques
  • Evaluation capabilities
  • Easy and handy upgrades
  • Availability on many devices

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