Powerful search engine for trusted IT solutions and specialists
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Powerful search engine for trusted IT solutions and specialists

Powerful search engine for trusted IT solutions and specialists.





Project Timeline

June 2018 – November 2019


Technology stack

Technology Stack

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The Need

Skillbrowser is a powerful search engine to find IT solutions, skills, and services for corporate clients, based on their specific business needs. The web-based platform allows companies to browse a database of registered IT companies, offering a variety of skillful professionalists in every area of software supply and development. 

The Challenge

The requirements for Skillbrowser as a platform for strong support in the search for skills, services, and solutions in the IT indistry, were various and all relevant to the product vision to:

  • give corporate clients a list of trusted IT suppliers, based on pre-defiant criteria
  • list software development companies by certain services and areas of expertise, they acquire
  • structure the ever-growing database in relevant units and provide options for data comparison
  • keep track when identical solutions, skills, and services are offered with different terms
  • provide a search function where skills, services, and solutions can be combined

The solution had to be developed in the utmost comprehensive way in order to meet the client’s numerous business needs. Beside all functionalities, the interfaces itself had to be built in a user-friendly drag and drop manner, so Skillbrawser can offer a complex search engine results in vast categories and types in a very simple and efficient way.

Implement a user-friendly design with intuitive UI/UX in order to drive customer retention and support the overall strategy of the solution to provide end-to-end search results and match customer needs.

Тhe Solution

BGO teams accepted the challenge of such a complex search engine and via continuous integration of advanced design features and facilitation of team/client feedback by daily progress meetings, managed to find the most relevant solutions.

Part of the defying Skillbrowser features we developed in the core of the project are:

  • a combination option for all featured items (in forms of IT solutions, expertise and abilities)
  • an intelligible display of search results
  • feedback opportunity for corporate clients who managed to benefit from a provider
  • admin panel for registered users, both searching and offering solutions, that integrate information and behavior tracking and storing data for used Skillbrowser tools
  • and an overall useful and sufficient web-based platform and search engine that provide relevant information and results in the most comprehensible way possible.

Value Delivered

BGO team of certified professionals worked on the project with a high level of integrity and our efforts guaranteed the exponential growth of new customers, high customer satisfaction, low rates in issues arising from UX/UI discrepancies and many more beneficial outcomes regarding the client’s final product.




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