Smart Pharmacy Reports and Data Management System
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Smart Pharmacy Reports and Data Management System

BGO Software developed a reports system and web client, parsing data from various sources and transforming it into a compatible form for further usage and evaluation.

About the solution

A US-based company, a leader in using the unique integration between data science, technology, and human science in order to advance human health. With its almost 50000 employees, the company is enabling modern healthcare services and improving patient outcomes every day.


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Project Timeline

12 months




In this project, BGO Software needed to develop a smart pharmacy reports system, according to the individual needs of a leading US-based healthcare company. The system needed to provide advanced data management features and reporting capabilities, accessible through a web client so that it can be available online for the company’s employees.

– Development of a user-friendly web portal

– Ensuring secure server for data storage

– Ensuring a secure connection between the web portal and server

– Ensuring the highest level of security when the raw data is processed

– Preparing user guides and internal company training for the company

– Ensuring high availability and maximum uptime of the system


The smart pharmacy reports system developed by BGO Software has the capability to transform source files with data into files with specific formats used by the customer to manage their data. Each data supplier can access the system through a web portal with own and unique credentials and upload the raw data on a secured server. The web portal of the system consists of a login page, user dashboard, source file upload page, and advanced back-end services, responsible for the data processing. The users can track the process of data upload and management on a user-friendly dashboard. BGO Software, on the other hand, is verifying that the data files are generated as expected and in the needed format.


The end result is advanced data management and reporting systems, which helps the company to analyze a huge amount of raw data and transform it into valuable reports while keeping the highest level of security for the sensitive data. BGO Software ensured not only the system design and development while implementing cutting-edge technologies, but also the smooth process of its implementation. We helped the users with detailed guides to get used to the system fast and to avoid any complications.