Data Reporting and Analytics System for "Vestrum Health"
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Data Reporting and Analytics System for "Vestrum Health"

"Vestrum Health" Embraces the Digitisation with Data Reporting and Analytics System from BGO Software





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Technology Stack

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The Need

Launched in 2014, Vestrum Health is the first-to-market EHR data analytics provider in the retina space. Vestrum was founded by retina and data-analytics experts with the mission to provide real-world insights from analyzing retina practices’ electronic health data. As part of their services, Vestrum Health offers Quick Trends reporting, EHR-derived practice analytics and benchmarking, high-quality insights into real-world evidence for pharmaceutical companies and more. 

As the core business of Vestrum Health is data and analytical services for the Pharmaceutical Industry, the company needed a new-age web-based reporting system, to help them deliver better services, automate the manual processes and decrease the time-to-market.

The Challenge

Vestrum provides detailed reporting and analytics of Retina EHR data to empower Retina Practices and Pharmaceutical Companies. Before implementing the solution developed by BGO Software, the team of Vestrum Health was spending a great amount of time on manual preparation of various reports for their global customers. In addition to that, the company was distributing the reports also manually. This process was making them inefficient and was preventing them to grow steadily their business. The work was constantly increasing and the company was struggling to achieve more while following the old internal processes. For this reason, Vestrum decided that it is time to digitalise the manual processes and implement a web-based reporting system. 

Тhe Solution

BGO Software developed a web-based reporting and reports distribution system. As part of the solution, a CRM system was also developed for Vestrum Administrators where reports are uploaded, distributed and published to companies and physicians. The new solution is dramatically reducing the time necessary for report publishing while improving the customer’s experience by allowing them to have access to reports via the Vestrum site and not only via e-mails.

The new system for Vestrum Health has both an Admin and a Client Area. It integrates also with a third-party CRM system. Thanks to it all manual processes are now automated and the efforts to prepare and send reports are decreased. All changes and customisations can be done with a few clicks. In addition, a notification and updates functionality is implemented. 

In the second phase of the project, the reporting capability of the web-based system is uplifted with the implementation of Microsoft Power BI reports. This enables Vestrum Health to provide a more interactive and user-friendly experience for their customers.

Value Delivered

The digital platform, which Vestrum Health provides to its customers now, help them deliver their services in a better way, ensure increase customer loyalty and retention and deliver their services in a modern way on various platforms. 



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