Web-based application for school management
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Web-based application for school management

Schoolorama as a school management system that links almost every working process in an educational facility for all participants.


Proscola GmbH.



Project Timeline

November 2017 – March 2018


Technology stack

Technology Stack

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The Need

Schoolorama as a school management system that links almost every working process in schools for all participants and creates secondary benefits concerning efficiency, quality, and socio-cultural aspects. Furthermore, it attends teachers and students from a pedagogical perspective on their daily work and ensures transparent, nonredundant and modern structures. Schoolorama is a modern instrument for helping schools to establish a digitalized approach to management and the teaching processes. 

The Challenge

Schoolorama as a project aimed at becoming an entire high-quality school system, the client strictly stated that this project’s final version should be an entire “school in your pocket.

The school management system creates a singular network between all participating schools and makes it possible to exchange learning materials and know-how worldwide, between teachers in one school, between different schools in one country and between schools in different countries. Schoolorama’s goal is to carry actual well developed but classical school structures into the modern ages while helping the same time schools not having the needed resources to ensure high-quality education.

Тhe Solution

BGO team managed to meet all of the requirements and developed a high-functioning app, that supports teachers with recurring tasks and processes that are time-consuming and less pedagogically oriented and offers the added value that can only be achieved through digitization.

The application also supports students in learning planning, helps in structuring the learning day and provides learning materials and information at the right place at the right time. Some of the more interesting features that ensure those claims are:

  • Timeline – each Student/Teacher has a timeline where they can see what their agenda for the day is
  • Dossiers Module – this is a module where learning materials can be created on various topics. 
  • ‘dossiers’ can be shared in the whole Scholorama network i.e. with the other Scholorama instances.
  • Absences Module
  • Disciplinary Module
  • Marks Module
  • and many more. 

Value Delivered

In Schoolorama working processes are organically unified.

A perfectly executed project with almost zero bugs and with strict delivery which covered all of the client’s requirements and delivered an addition of functionalities, that enriched the project significantly. 

Grades, curricula, students and teaching materials are interlinked so that very detailed statements can be made about student performance. Learning materials can be created and stored directly in the system. This is done in an intuitive and simple way. The option of embedding at any format of media into teaching materials is a very efficient tool of Schoolorama, and prior to that – all data and documents can be stored context-dependently and are automatically managed in a document management system. These are available to authorized personnel worldwide. As well as the Timeline, dynamic guided timetable with data and contextual instruments provided “just in time” – less paper, no more forgotten materials.

Educational and informative platform for IT resources

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