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11 Nov 2015 5 min read
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As people might have already learnt, BGO Software is a Platinum Telerik Partner with three years of experience in offering Kendo UI seminars, in-house and remote training, and consultancy services. The expertise of our trainers and their understanding in Kendo UI have allowed them to certify more than 250 IT professionals around the world. What is more, BGO has the role of an internal Kendo UI training provider for Progress and Telerik. The company is also trusted Government Procurement Service Supplier in the UK and official supplier for IT services to the Health Research Authority (HRA) of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom.

What is Kendo UI?

Kendo UI Training

Kendo UI is a powerful user interface framework that combines UI widgets and libraries for interactive web, mobile and native-like (hybrid) applications with HTML5 and JavaScript. The 70+ HTML5 jQuery-based UI widgets can be easily designed and styled according to the users’ preferences and purposes. The usefulness of the toolkit is further underlined by the built-in responsiveness and ease of use.

If we look at the components separately we will see that the collection of JS libraries serves to solve common web development problems and challenges, while the UI widgets arrive with a jQuery dependency.

Kendo UI Training

 After series of successful Kendo UI trainings in Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom, we are now returning to London once again where we are going to conduct yet another Kendo UI-based seminar. It has the goal to guide developers and help them learn the nitty-gritty of Kendo UI framework. What is more, our specialists will be there to explain the tools included in the package and demonstrate their core functionalities. The two-day event will take place in London on 19-20 November, 2015.

What will the training cover?


Introduction to Kendo UI

The seminar agenda was carefully and exigently prepared by one of our training professionals so that it is comprehensive enough and consists of all Kendo UI core aspects. It aims at delivering just the right amount of theory, mixed with hands-on exercises and reinforced by practical examples.

  • Introduction to Kendo UI

During this part of the training, the BGO expert will firstly explain the object model used by Kendo and will briefly mention some of the Kendo UI frameworks, including Single Page Application (SPA), DataSource, MVVM and others. And of course, all of these will be more thoroughly examined later on in the seminar. The rest of the topics which will be discussed will be the properties of Kendo UI, how to browse the Kendo UI API reference, how to use uniquely built-in themes as well as Kendo Theme Builder and so on.  jQuery will be looked at in details and the differences between HTML4 and HTML5 will be underlined with the support of charts and illustrative examples too. CSS, JavaScript, DOM and other necessities for the work with Kendo UI will be investigated as well.

  • Binding Kendo Widgets to Data

Most Kendo widgets display some form of data. The origin of that data which is displayed by the widget is called DataSource. Because this is of a great significance, in the second section attendees will be introduced to Kendo DataSource and the JSON format. The DataSource Framework by Kendo deals processes related to retrieving local or remote data and presenting it in the format used by KendoUI Widgets. But when does the JSON format come into play? Well, JSON is the popular standard for transferring data between server and UI. So whenever users want to transmit information from the server to the UI, they can do that by using JSON.

  • Kendo Mobile and AppBuilder

Kendo Mobile enables users to create a mobile applications. The mobile web application is deployed locally on the phone and because it has “hybrid” qualities, it still works even when the mobile device is offline. In the “Kendo Mobile and AppBuilder” section of the seminar, then, people will learn how to use the AppBuilder and will understand how to use the mobile application and how exactly it works.

At the end of the first day of the Kendo UI training, trainers will leave time for questions.

  • Kendo UI and MVC ASP.Net

Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC represents a set of server-side wrappers, which allows developers to configure a Kendo UI widget via C# or VB.NET code, set its value, data source and so on. During the first part of the second seminar day, the BGO Software training leader will delve further into MVC ASP.Net functionalities, usages and benefits. Attendees will be shown how to use Kendo MVC helpers and will learn their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Advanced Data operations with Kendo Datasource Framework

Sorting and paging, CRUD operations, editing data, error handling, hierarchical data and establishing real-time communication will be the subjects underlined in this section. Charts, examples and tasks will be part of the teaching and learning process too.

  • The Kendo MVVM Framework

What is MVVM Framework, what does it include, what is its goal, and what does the user gain from it? These are just part of the questions which will be tackled next. In order to clarify these specifics on 100%, the trainer will make use of explanatory diagrams, definitions, comparisons and demos. Trainees will be given practical tasks so that they can demonstrate whether or not they have understood the material.

  • Kendo UI Templates

Kendo UI Templates offer simplicity, plus high quality JavaScript templating engine in the Kendo UI toolset. Precisely, the templates make it possible for developers to build HTML fractions which can be merged with JavaScript data (for developers to combine HTML code with JSON data and render content). This particular part of our training will equip learners with the required information about the templates’ use, the pros and cons and the templates’’ syntax. Practical exercises will be presented as well.

  • Extending Kendo UI widgets

Most developers find it hard to deal and continue with inheritance in JavaScript. However, when it comes to inheritance with Kendo UI, this seems to be less challengeable and much easier task to complete. Knowing the appropriate methodology and ways, our expert will transmit his expertise and know-how, so that attendees can learn to extend Kendo UI widgets. Topics included in this section are Inheritance with Kendo UI, creating individual Kendo UI widgets, extending base widgets, handling events and making the widget MVVM aware. There will be several practical tasks.
Time for questions will be spared at the end of the session as well.

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