The Future Belongs To Personalized Medicine

08 Dec 2021 - 1 min read Ivan Lekushev, CEO

The future belongs to personalized medicine, and during the next 5-10 years, it will be recognized as a standard in healthcare. This is what Ivan Lekushev, manager of a company focused on developing software solutions for world medicine and pharmacy, predicted for Radio Stara Zagora. According to him, individual therapy will replace the traditional approach to treatment. And the impact on the health systems of the countries caused by the spread of Covid-19 will accelerate these processes.

His company works with HNS (UK) to manage requests for clinical trials, including the previous research for the Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19.

The company has experience in developing mobile apps for huge pharma companies and their patients. Online apps give many advantages like alerts for taking medicines, sharing actual health status, feedback between the two parties, etc. Ivan Lekushev also said that the pharma business is changing due to COVID-19. They aimed to produce many medicines and sell them, and people to pay for the amount. The reason is the push from the side of governments, insurance companies and patients, who Insist on proven results in the treatment. 

Ivan Lekushev also explained that an individual treatment plan could be developed based on specific indicators collected for heart rate, blood pressure, and physical activity.

“In this way, pharmaceutical companies collect information that allows them to calibrate their approach, and this leads to better results,” Lekushev said.

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