BGO Software with a strategic expansion in the Swiss pharma and healthcare industry

BGO Software 01 Aug 2019 - 2 min read
BGO Software's Strategic Expansion in Switzerland

Over recent years, the Bulgarian IT sector has provided a great deal of support to Swiss business, to assist them throughout their digital transformation journey and expand their access to resources and technology. The growing number of technology companies in Bulgaria, along with the easier access to IT resources and know-how, creates numerous advantages for Swiss pharma and healthcare industry, which is looking to explore the opportunities and the competitive edge that technology creates for businesses.

One of Bulgaria’s leading providers of IT services and products – BGO Software is one of those companies. Over the last five years, the Bulgarian provider of IT services has been working closely with some of Switzerland’s leading pharma companies as a consultant and developer of strategic software platforms.

Ivan Lekushev - CEO of BGO Software“As a next step in strengthening our position on the Swiss market and within the Clinical Research and Pharma verticals, BGO Software has established strategic partnerships with several technological and consultancy companies from Switzerland in a joint effort to accelerate the digitization and IT innovations in the Swiss healthcare sector.”, says Ivan Lekushev, CEO of BGO Software.

BGO Software is widely recognized for developing software solutions and technology products for the global pharmaceutical and clinical research industry. With this strategy, BGO Software joins forces with some of the leading organization in Switzerland to build and develop sustainable partnerships in the IT sector between Bulgaria and Switzerland. Companies in the Swiss pharma and healthcare industry will be able to benefit from deep industry know-how, expertise and innovations in the technology area. The partnerships will be announced in the next few weeks and will bring new opportunities not only for us but also for our partners and their customers.

The information technology sector is strategic for the development of the economy and industry of Switzerland. Although banking, pharmaceuticals, and fine mechanics sectors are well developed, more and more Swiss entities, especially companies in the Swiss pharma and healthcare industry, want to take the advantages of digitization and new-age technology solutions. However, according to recent research conducted by ICT Switzerland, the IT sector in the country will experience a shortage of approx. 40,000 IT specialists by 2026. ICT-Formation Professionnelle attributed the shortage to growing demand due to digitization as well as the departure of many retired employees. For specialists, the total demand peaks at 88,500 and can only be partially covered by the expected entry of new graduates into the labor market (31,500 workers) and by immigration (16,700).

BGO Software’s team consists of over 100 IT experts in the field of custom software architecture and development, consulting, testing and project management. Thanks to our close relationship with leading Swiss companies and our collaboration with the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, we build bridges between Bulgaria and Switzerland and contribute to the development and growth of the economy in both countries.