Digital Transformation: 8 Brilliant Steps to Success

11 Nov 2016 5 min read
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Digital transformation is no longer a matter of enterprise revolution. It is a business evolution which begins at a corporate level. And as digitally-oriented trends burst on the scene, a significant number of business owners start reconsidering their internal systems and processes. A recent survey carried out by Progress indicates that 96% of organizations understand such moves as being extremely vital or even critical. Going digital usually requires analysis of existing IT structures, systems and legacy applications. The main reason is that these developments become either instruments which allow businesses to inspire and embrace change or they become major weaknesses and setbacks. That’s why leaders invest in modernization. The transformational process involves updating current software, implementing advanced tools, reshaping or developing new services or acquiring relevant skills. BGO Software recently completed one such application modernization project for Organi (a leading IT company based in Antwerp), using one of the most progressive toolsets – Kendo UI.

There are, however, several viable strategies for successful digital transformation. For instance, 67% of companies are convinced that building partnerships and working with digitally advanced companies will help them achieve effective digital transformation on their part. Others focus on adopting leading digital technologies instead. Accordingly, 57% of organizations point out to digital tech as number one driver for successful digital business.

But what else guarantees efficient digital transformation?

Digital Transformation: 8 Brilliant Steps to Success


Digital transformation demands an internal shift from a culture of management to a culture of leadership. Because it represents an organizational change process, it largely depends on company owners, CTOs, CMOs, CFOs, project managers and their leadership techniques. Technologies aren’t all that it takes for effective change. It is as much technology-dependent as it is about internal business evolution. And that evolution is achieved by effective supervision and management. They, on the other hand, make a room for new practices; upgraded ways in which companies interact with clients and partners; clarified objectives, expectations, vision and purpose; defined presence of the organization in the market; and bigger value.


Any digital transformation process should involve the entire personnel. Engagement at all levels accelerates the completion of digital-driven processes. Very often, IT team members have to work side by side with other departments in order to create aligned organizational ecosystem. Shaped by similar views and objectives, any joint environment encourages workforce transformation and motivates people to contribute with ideas, experience and skills.


High levels of communication between teams and departments lead to faster transformational results. Many leaders and project managers introduce web-based tools as part of the change. There are also digital devices which virtualize individual-level workload and team’s tasks, enabling people to still collaborate, while working distantly. All of these are not only enablers for knowledge- and update-sharing, but they serve as a configurable workflow automation mechanisms as well.


digital transformation

Big Data, Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, application modernization are all part of digital transformation. Therefore, any investment in the skills of the team is an investment in the digital future of the company. Putting efforts into design thinking and data analytics is also vital. As a Progress Premier Partner, we deliver tailored webinars, training and consultancies based on leading technologies such as OpenEdge, Kendo UI and more. We help clients understand how business models evolve in accordance with the latest developments. But what is more, our trainers and consultants facilitate clients’ course of modernization, allowing them to easily compete in a digital-first market.


As you transform your business or you embark on a project such as application modernization, you must decide what works best for your organization. Creating a smart strategy is key to success. Likewise, in order to deliver the best possible results for Organi, our team of experts implemented several key steps: we reviewed their outdated system and evaluated their application in terms of its stability for modernization; we determined the desired outcomes, clarified expectations and possibilities along with the client; created a roadmap and established strong communication practices. After completing the project, our Kendo UI trainers organized a final training, explaining the specifics of the applied Kendo UI features as well as the project’s modernized front-end.


Market dynamics and companies’ competitiveness are fundamentally changed by innovative tech. According to the Leading Digital Business Transformation report, 54% of advanced companies agree that developing a culture of innovation is a real digital business booster. This includes: incorporating new business models, transitioning from old technology to new one, forming digital marketing and sales channels, offering cloud services, moving to interconnected ecosystems, delivering connectivity and engagement in real time, deploying advanced analytics, adopting third-party applications, founding data streams, implementing SaaS, Open Source and others.


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Companies are confronting the need of utilizing customer-centricity approach because customer experience is a catalyst that drives digital transformation forward. Clients today urge enterprises to discover innovative methods to connect with them, maintain customer loyalty, respond to their requirements and offer the right solution at the right moment. This can be achieved by targeting, evaluating and aligning customer experiences with core business objectives. Prioritizing next-generation KPIs, real-time multichannel analytics in combination with artificial intelligence, predictive modelling and behavioral data is yet another way to redefine the connection between IT businesses and clients.


It is not necessary to always reinvent the wheel in digital transformation. Sometimes choosing a strategic partnership is enough as it leads to increased innovation rates by bringing new technologies, advanced mechanisms and ground-breaking business models to the table. Isn’t that part of what it takes to achieve new digital image?  

Digital transformation is a matter of business survival. Nevertheless, when it comes to it, nothing is ever completely “done” or “over”. New technologies will continue to emerge. New trends will wipe out what entrepreneurs now think to be stable and trendy. What was driven and done with long-term plans may turn out to expire sooner than expected. Staying open-minded is important for any business. Company owners and digital transformation supporters ought to be equipped with appropriate tools and knowledge to explore the digital future which is to come. Market dynamics should be tracked and monitored and even predicted. Enterprise cultures must be tuned in to the current digital status of businesses around the world. Relevant services and technological solutions should come into play. In order to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital industries and tendencies, we at BGO Software always try to update our services and enrich our portfolio of solutions.

This includes, building our own framework – Magik Framework – delivering Cloud services, offering Virtual Private Network solutions, and providing IT training and consultancies on application modernization, while using some of the most progressive technologies.

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