Magik Framework: A Smart Solution for Web Application Development

13 Oct 2016 3 min read
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Magik Framework

Software development quite often requires a lot of time, resources, effort, precision and ability to focus on and manage several tasks simultaneously. The process includes backing up and establishing entities and data variables, using reliable and secure code, designing user interface, coding business logic, creating web app functionality specifications, handling logic authentication, building database, testing in order to ensure that your web application delivers high performance in the end. In this regard, as a software company with more than 10 years of experience, we realize the need of an optimized framework which facilitates each one of these procedures, combines them together and accelerates the concept-to-product transition. The ideal one such weapon for web application development is required to be scalable, robust, powerful and efficient enough to fit the contemporary and complex development practices. And because we couldn’t find it, we created it – Magik Framework.

Magik Framework and the magic behind it

In essence, Magik is an Open Source web application framework that supports PHP developers and delivers outstanding UI and back-end.  Presented for the first time at EMEA PUG Challenge Conference 2016 held in Noordwijk, Netherlands, our framework is designed to modernize programming approaches. It also aims to promote reusable codes and, above all, help PHP developers take web applications from just an idea to a completed product faster than ever. Saving the usual hassle while building web applications, it employs Laravel PHP for the server-side as well as Kendo UI and AngularJS for the client-side. With a range of easy-to-use modules, features, libraries and design patterns, all of which are suitably arranged in an architecture system, developers will be able to build and maintain different kinds of web application projects in the most convenient, accurate and effective way.

Because developers spend up-to 90% of their time doing common (and not so interesting) tasks, Magik Framework will help them emphasize on their effectiveness and motivation, while developing specific business logic at the same time. Taking advantage of the free Kendo UI version and the forms builder, for instance, is something that will save time and energy, and will allow for a much easier management of conditional logic, validations, forms and data.

What makes it different? Our recipe for success

Magik Framework

Magik Framework is focused on developers’ programming practices, with the initial goal to facilitate their work and assist them in their projects, while taking users and usability into account at the same time. The framework comes with an inbuilt handling of Multilingual data and user interface translation support. What is more, the API-centered architecture of the platform promises control, connection and serving of data everywhere and to different end-points. Additional characteristics and advantages are:

  • Full compatibility with existing Laravel packages
  • Modular structure, enabling easy reuse of business entities and business processes dressed in code – sending emails, managing users and customers, learning management
  • Built over driver-centric architecture, stepping on several development patterns and abstractions
  • Having Abstract Component partials giving you the option to configure your UI library through UI Drivers
  • It’s an Open Source which will give a chance to developers to contribute to it, while we maintain it

What’s in it for you?

  • Laravel – the PHP framework for web artisans
  • AngularJS – superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework
  • Kendo UI – the most comprehensive UI library to speed up your HTML/JS development
  • Modular programming
  • DB reverse engineering and scaffolding for building complex modules and UI widgets
  • Packaging modules and themes
  • Free modules installable from the UI
  • Out-of-the-box grids and filters to help you present data
  • Multilingual in its nature, both data and UI interface
  • API-based approach where you can control and connect everything from everywhere
  • Powerful web-based administration tool
  • Reusability of codes

Finally, web applications are crucial when it comes to improving business efficacy. However, without efficient web development strategies and mechanisms, that becomes mission impossible. Knowing the importance of utilizing the most appropriate tools, our developers created an advanced open-source web application framework which enables PHP developers to build business logic, admin back-end and front-end UI in a short span of time.

We will continue to build on our Magik Framework and will make an announcement once it is ready to launch.

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