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Complex web management application solution


Ethical review process system for Health and Social Care Research

Web Application

HARP (The HRA Assessment Review Portal) is a web-based management information system used by the Health Research Authority, the Social Care REC and the Devolved Administrations for all research ethics applications that require NHS REC review. HARP manages the process of booking applications onto REC committees.

It also ensures compliance with the requirements of the RECs review, keeps records and measures the time taken to award decisions, produces correspondence, manages meetings and contacts, and produces research summaries. Using HARP, sites can manage HRA Approval processes as well.

CAG (Assessment Review Portal)

The system is used by the HRA for all Confidentiality
Advisory Group (CAG) applications. CAG portal stores all
application documents; records the committee
recommendation outcomes.

CAG (Assessment Review Portal)
TOPS Portal

TOPS Portal

TOPS is a web-based management information system managed by the HRA. It aims to prevent participants from taking part in trials of new medicines too frequently.

Committee Members Portal

The portal links to HARP and allows REC Committee
Members to view study data and associated

Committee Members Portal

Technology used:

  • Microsoft SQL Server


  • Twitter Bootstrap

  • jQuery

Client’s Location

LondonUnited Kingdom

Software Team

3 Engineers

Development Timeline

July 2013

April 2014

Jonathan Bell

IS Architecture and Systems Manager, Health Research Authority

I wanted to thank you from all of us at HRA for what has been a truly ‘Herculean’ effort to launch the HARP successfully.

When we embarked on the project, we were aware that it was going to be challenging but I am sure we never anticipated quite how much work had been embodied and needed to be replaced. I am also sure there were times when it all seemed a bit too much. But thanks to your calm and very hard work you achieved the most successful launch.

I have to say that I never thought there would be so few issues on such a complex project! You should be very proud of your efforts, as we are and realize that there are not many (if any) groups of people who could have achieved what you did. Furthermore, I think it is important that the team relates the achievement to real world impact.

HARP and e-submission pave the way for a much more streamlined and effective service for researchers. Those changes will lead directly to improvements in healthcare and quality of life for many individuals around the world. Hopefully, appreciating that will bring you some extra reward for the hard work. So once again thank you for delivering such quality and diligence. And thank you for what has now been a huge success.

Solution & Results

The functionalities of HARP allow administrators to track the whole clinical research trials application review process, as well as post-approval monitoring and reporting. The application migrates large amounts of data in order to allow a flexible workflow management.

BGO Software had nine months to build from scratch and completely replace the existing ten-years-in-development government solution. This required the transformation and migration of very large volumes of data into a completely new format, and last but not least the development of additional e-submission functionality.

The highly efficient two-way communication and data exchange methodology adopted by the customer and BGO Software teams, ensured successful project completion within strict deadlines. To manage the complex data analysis and migration, the team developed a new data format and sophisticated tools, capable of transforming and migrating large data volumes from the old software to HARP.

Solution & Results

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