AutomobilesReview App: the whole automotive world right in your pocket

BGO Software 16 Oct 2015 - 0 min read

We at BGO Software are excited to announce that which is part of our media news network websites can already impress with its user-friendly mobile application. AutomobilesReview App provides our readers with a faster, simpler and easier way to access their favorite auto-related articles. Adrenaline-boosting content about exclusive automotive products, lines and tunings as well as high-quality images of exotic, elegant, sports, muscle, tamed and untamed vehicles – it is all there! Just one click of a button away.

Of course, our AutomobilesReview App arrives with the best possible functionalities and benefits. They include:

 AutomobilesReview App - best automobiles app on market

  • Latest exclusive news for the automotive industry
  • Unlimited amount of pictures for free download
  • Share everything you enjoy with you friends on any social media
  • Getting news only about personally selected and preferred car-brands
  • Guaranteed easiness when it comes to sharing and commenting
  • Receiving notifications when something new has been published