BGO Software Sets up a New Start in a New Office

19 Aug 2015 - 2 min read

The office place shapes an environment that is alive. It breathes, grows, unfolds and brings employees together. For the last couple of years BGO Software has reached new successful peaks and has become bigger in terms of personnel working for the company. With more people and team members added to our family we stretched out and spread further. Our business strategy, objectives, emphasis and focus shifted from one point to another. From covering mainly various media websites, BGO sprouted to a company that now concentrates largely on unveiling and mastering slightly different potential. That of offering IT consultancy services, coming up with software development projects and taking on other initiatives, including charity events and, even, establishing a Foundation.

However, this rapid and well-received expansion came with its own request. A request for more spacious working place that could accommodate not only more people but a multiplied volume of initiatives and ideas. Therefore, in our pursuit for the perfect new “home”, we wanted to find a place that would match our business nature and business models on a far greater level. What is more, our primary goal was to replace the old office with a new one that would present each person with an individual venue for progressing, experimenting and creating. And we believe we managed to do it!

Being five times bigger than the previous office, our new working place provides plenty of room for everybody without making them feel like fish stuffed in a sealed tin can. There are spots for every single member. Every one of us occupies a “territory” which enables us to experience ultimate comfort and ease of work from the lobby to the very balcony. Entering the formal area for the first time shapes the impression that one is being in a spacecraft. Moving forward opens a view of the main and biggest part of the office where the fast-raving brains of the staff work at full capacity. And when someone wants to relax and gather more power we have got either the balcony (which reveals spectacular view of the city and Vitosha Mountain) or the playroom where coworkers can challenge themselves on Mortal Kombat.


It is true that major changes sometimes can be daunting. Moving in to another office is widely considered to be more stressful and nerve-wrecking than exciting. It is a process which requires time, patience and, above all, organization and planning. But just as any other process it could be split into separate sub-process components in order to facilitate the unavoidable hustle and bustle. In order to cope with the whole chaos we at BGO accepted the relocation as a new chapter of our business lives. A chapter that, in fact, cleared the path for new opportunities and chances to evolve.

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