BGO Software Launches Clinicubes CTMS to Simplify Study’s Complexity

05 Dec 2016 4 min read
BGO Software
Clinicubes CTMS

The clinical trial industry is growing and as it grows it tends to become more complex. Industry leaders have invented and continue to reinvent the wheel in attempt to improve how research projects are being carried out and managed. This becomes a bit more challenging especially now when various technology-driven trends keep changing the clinical trial landscape. Patients become digitally oriented, using mobile devices to look for information or track treatment updates. We have mHealth, Big Data and Cloud Computing in medical studies as well. Scientific and patient data piles up and gets more difficult to gather, record, arrange, document and store. And while all of this is taking place, a number of studies fail to succeed because of inefficient management approaches and tools.

At BGO Software we have realized that research companies need a systematized, well-structured, practical and beneficial Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) in order to bring about consistent project lifecycle.

And therefore, we created Clinicubes CTMS – an advanced system that addresses core study needs, facilitates important study processes, provides research specialists with robust features for evaluation and standardization, enhances the sharing of information, ensures timely delivery of results, guarantees cost-effectiveness and more.


In its core, the CTMS is designed to simplify any process behind clinical trials, regardless of their size, scope and goal. Our software ensures easy, effective, safe, proactive and smart trial management thanks to its features. Because it is systematized, well-built, practical and easy-to-use, it offers practitioners the flexibility to expand their management capabilities even when it comes to multi-site trials.


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A major challenge when it comes to utilizing such software developments is overcoming their inherent intricacy and prolonged deployment time. We created Clinicubes with the idea to allow clients to eliminate such setbacks. The software is entirely customizable and is able to fit into any enterprise culture, without requiring drastic changes. As a lightweight and easy-to-use clinical trial management system, it enables medical device companies, Pharmaceutical institutions, Biotech organizations and CROs to save time, workload and effort with a number of integration and support functionalities like:

  • Unification of research technologies used
  • Integration with popular clinical research applications
  • Migration and import of data collected with legacy tools
  • Support and training

The integrated solutions of our system, simple menu and interactive dashboards enable practitioners to take care of every single aspect and phase of their clinical study – from planning, through budgeting and project initiation, to reporting. And because one of the biggest challenges in the research industry is efficient data management, Clinicubes CTMS offers a simplified way for research organizations to cope with electronic data capture. Instead of investing a lot of time in entering data into multiple locations manually, coordinators, investigators and other research specialist can rely on the system to complete such tasks for them.


They can also collect, retain and store patient or scientific data more efficiently than before, eliminating errors made throughout the entire project implementation. While development time of different procedures is shortened thanks to a number of collaborative and operational features, our software streamlines workflow as well. Its advantages, collaboration and implementation functionalities as well as project tracking options include:

  • Overview and management of clinical trials;
  • Site identification and patient recruitment
  • Milestone tracking;
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Monitoring study events and progress
  • Following approvals, payments, enrolment, documents
  • Tracking visits, case report forms (CRFs) etc.
  • Stronger financial management, payments, projecting and tracking costs
  • Supports billing accuracy
  • Increased staff performance and streamlined site management
  • Subjects database and study enrollment tracking;
  • Physicians database and study performance data;
  • Health service institutions database;
  • Project documents collection and tracking;
  • Regulatory process tracking;
  • Dynamic dashboards with key metrics
  • Alerts and reporting

All of these features make our product suitable for various institutions like Medical Device companies, Biotech, Pharmaceutical organizations, independent research sites, CROs, SMOs, AMCs, cancer centers, hospitals conducting researches and many others.


tablet showing Clinicubes CTMS

Currently, the need for optimized clinical trial scenarios and the presence of enhanced technological solutions speed up the growth of the CTMS market. In relation to this, the “Global Market Study on Clinical Trial Management System: Asia to Witness Highest Growth by 2019” indicates that the global clinical trial management system market at the moment is estimated at  USD 534.0 million in 2016. However, it is expected to reach USD 1,848.5 million in 2019.

For now, North America is reported to have the largest share of the CTMS market. It is followed by Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the rest of the world. Estimated at USD 514.4 million in 2013, the amount is expected to rise to USD 1,107.5 million in 2019, growing at a CAGR of 13.6% for the 2013-2019 period.


Witnessing the changes in the clinical trial industry, observing the present market growth, taking into account ongoing regulations and underlining modernized practitioners’ requirements and needs, we developed a product that takes clinical trial management to the next level. Clinicubes CTMS helps professionals conduct every single step of their study more efficiently and faster than ever. They can work with scientific and patient data in a simplified manner; they can do budgeting and manage financial activities safely; they can track enrollments and overall study progress; they can also collect and store documents. And lastly, the use of Clinicubes reduces additional costs, promises higher levels of productivity and provides with efficient study management from beginning to end.

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