Free IT Trainings with a Mission – BGO Software helping the society to be better

BGO Software 04 Nov 2019 - 1 min read
Free IT Trainings

BGO Software’s mission has always been to be a socially responsible company with an internal and external focus on people. A company that inspires its team members to deliver outstanding technology-based services, and which also encourages the community to develop.

As a social-responsible company, we believe that part of our work is to help the young people in Bulgaria to gather new skills, develop and grow. For this reason, part of the BGO Software ecosystem is our IT training academy – Web Academy. This October, we are proud to launch Web Academy 2.0. An improved academy for IT training, which helps young people to gather exceptional knowledge and make their first steps in the software development world.

About Web Academy 2.0

With our project Web Academy, we would like to give a chance to all young and motivated people to start a career in the IT field. Тhis year, BGO Software will sponsor the courses for all participants. Our company is covering all the costs for the training and has hired a great teacher for the participants. We want to make the IT education available for all people, no matter their financials. At BGO Software, we believe that as a successful business, we need to contribute to society and give a chance to the young people to start a promising career!

JavaScript Course for Beginners

This edition of Web Academy will start with a JavaScript course for beginners. Although the considerable interest we had, we try to limit the number of participants in the group, so that we can pay individual attention to each student and provide higher quality and guarantee for the skills the participants will gain.

For the new JavaScript course, all students will enjoy the privilege of working with one of the most skillful JavaScript developers – Zahari Shinikchiev. Moreover, we have implemented a new training approach and a more advanced program. The objective is to provide the necessary tools and knowledge on how to land a job in the IT sector, and in particular – as a JavaScript developer.

And all this for free!

Our Charity Cause

This year’s edition of Web Academy also supports a charity cause. We invite all students to donate to a charity cause or initiative. The donation can be a token amount, and in this way, we will also manage to support several charity causes.