Implementing new or re-designing existing software solutions in CROs, SMOs, hospitals and pharma companies – what to expect and how to be prepared

01 Nov 2019 3 min read
BGO Software
Implementing new or re-designing existing software solutions in CROs, SMOs, hospitals and pharma companies

For a third time in the last 18 months, the leading Bulgarian digital healthcare software company – BGO Software, hosts a closed-door boutique event in their HQ in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Traditionally the guests of the event are leaders and C-level executives from the clinical research and pharma industries in the country, representing the local branches of some of the top companies operating in the sector. The primary goal of the meeting will be for hosts and their international guest speakers, to share their experience related to the development and implementation of software solutions in organizations, as well as what are the challenges that companies experience and how to overcome them. 

Healthcare Sector Digitization

The new-age technology solutions are transforming the drug development lifecycle, delivery of healthcare services, improving efficiency and better patient care. Software solutions and technology innovations impact the healthcare sector by improving patients’ diagnosis, provisioning of more convenient healthcare delivery, advancing personalized care and healthcare services, improving drug discovery and clinical development, accelerating the clinical research speed, and many more.

But when it comes to implementation of software solutions in CRO, SMO, pharma and companies and hospitals, the main challenge is how to introduce innovation without disrupting the complex operations and structures that those organizations are based on. The speakers of the event will share the first-hand experience on the above, from several different angles – the actual process of developing the strategy, crafting the software and the actual process of implementation of a few typical solutions. 

By visiting our closed-door meetup, C-level executives and managers in clinical research and pharma companies will have the chance to learn more about how to prepare internally their organizations for what is to come. They will discover innovative technologies, how they already transformed other organizations and the value they bring. Most importantly, all participants will have the chance to learn more through the success stories of other businesses.

Event Agenda

  • Case Study: The end of paper forms and the new era of electronic patient records

Paper forms create a bunch of problems for the healthcare industry. They usually contain essential information, which needs to be handled with care and to be kept up safe. But when using paper forms, this can be a hard task. The creation of Electronic Paper Records with Metaforms, resolves the traditional challenges and enables you to collect, analyze, and process patient information in an advanced and secure way.

Speaker: Ivaylo Ivanov, CTO, BGO Software  

  • Case Study: Patient Identification in real time

Technologies and Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) for accelerated speed and efficiency of clinical research projects – systems for patient identification in real time. A presentation of our partners from Clinerion, which focuses on solving the challenge of patient identification through technology.

Speaker: Barış Erdoğan, Head of Clienrion EMEA region & Country Manager of Clinerion Turkey      

  • Case Study: The future of Patient Support Programs (PSP) in Bulgaria – obstacles & solutions 

PharmaWorks will present a case study of a patient support program. How to organize it and execute it. Pharmacovigilance and patient focus. 

Speaker: Ivan Evstatiev, CTO, Pharmaworks 

  • Case Study: Considerations and challenges when implementing GxP systems /EN/

Liam Rogers is a COO & Founder at AgosIT (part of Agos Group). Liam is an ITIL Expert, Chartered IT Professional, Agile Practitioner.

Liam has an exceptional experience in the implementation of a large specter of GxP systems. AgosIT and Agos Pharma consult leading companies in Europe and USA and will share their experience, know-how, and expertise in the implementation of software services in the healthcare sector. You will learn more about the regulations in healthcare. 

Speaker: Liam Rogers, COO & Founder at AgosIT (part of Agos Group)

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