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Pharma is one of the many industries affected by rapid technological advancement.

Technology, and more precisely innovations like telemedicine, wearable biometric devices, auto-injectors, smart diagnostic meters, and others are paving the way for more patient-centric healthcare. Bringing tech to this industry can help pharma companies develop and implement a more effective marketing strategy and, respectively, increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

Pharma organizations take advantage of artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, biosensors, and mobile apps to ensure more advanced data analysis, accurate results, and effective drug development. These innovations contribute to the creation of personalized treatments, which guarantee a higher level of effectiveness, reduced side effects, and improved patient outcomes. Technology can further for quicker and more accurate data analyzing.


IT challenges for the Pharma Industry

Undoubtedly, one of the main IT challenges for the pharmaceutical industry is cybersecurity.  The IT services should ensure the highest level of protection for all the gathered data related to patients and drug R&D (research and development) that is being usually stored in the cloud. When developing solutions for the pharma, IT companies should ensure top-notch security of sensitive information so the risk of data leakage is reduced to a minimum.

Another two major challenges are cost reduction and streamlining the drug product’s development process. The more contemporized and effective this process, the shorter the product’s time to market. 


The manufacturing of the so-called orphan drugs requires the use of expensive manufacturing infrastructure. The fact that these drugs aren’t produced in large quantities leads to the creation of a more convenient and cost-effective method of production. 


BGO solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry ensure:

  • Lower drug R&D costs
  • Shorten drug development times
  • Data security and integrity
  • Stricter access control to data
  • Accelerated time to market and improved product quality

Our experience


BGO Software has been delivering pharmaceutical software solutions for more than 5 years. By using cutting-edge technologies and following the best practices, we have been able to deliver a variety of IT solutions to some of the leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide including validated systems running in regulated environments.

BGO Software has crafted a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant web application for one of the top 3 global pharma companies. The purpose of this system is to centralize and facilitate the monitoring of the medicines manufacturing processes. We have built a complex web application that supports Data Management, Advanced Analytics, Validated Reporting, and Data Visualization. The system allows for quick management of product monitoring metrics. It also facilitates the management of both real-time and paper-based processes.

Our company’s processes ensure ongoing alignment with existing ISO standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 27001). Our team of developers, specializing in intelligent manufacturing software solutions can help you identify your exact demands and deliver a state-of-the-art solution within budget and deadline.

IT solutions for pharma companies

Over the last few years, BGO Software has proved to be the right technological partner for many leading pharmaceutical companies, including a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical corporation. The variety of pharma IT solutions, which we have delivered includes:

Software validation

Software validation is a process that takes place after the code verification process. It aims at ascertaining whether a software product corresponds with the purposes it was intended for. This process also aims at ensuring that the product adheres to the current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and FDA standards. It also detects any defects that have been missed during the process of verification. Software validation helps pharma manufacturers maintain consistent quality and protect public health in general.

Intelligent manufacturing systems

In the fast-changing pharma industry, innovations like machine learning, IoT,  artificial intelligence, and big data can help companies improve their product development and manufacturing processes and stay competitive. BGO Software has a long track record in building analytics systems that collect, process and visualize data from IoT sensors. Our systems also run predictive algorithms and provide insights about potential issues.

Business intelligence systems

The massive data gathering nowadays requires sophisticated solutions, which can mine, analyze, and organize this data and present it in a more comprehensible way. BI systems can provide your organization with valuable insights from sales, market data, marketing, and other analyses. By examining specific markets and manufacturers, and by comparing trends and data about revenues, product quantities, etc. you would be able to set more effective business development strategies for your organization. This will result in accelerated organizational growth and reduced costs.

These systems also allow you to evaluate customer visits by target groups. They may be crafted to include specific features and functions related to financial controlling, analysis or others to fully meet your specific business needs and requirements. Another key benefit of the BI systems is that they allow pharma companies to more effectively adhere to regulations.

Pharmaceutical ERP

ERP systems help companies reach faster business growth and they ensure compliance with industry standards and government regulations. Pharma ERP solutions also help organizations adhere to regulatory requirements, such as FDA 21 CFR, quality management and validation protocols. These systems are also great for controlling material wastage and monitoring inventory levels.

Contact management and automated order processing are among its numerous benefits as well.  Pharma ERP is also highly beneficial for its batch and lot tracking feature, which enables manufacturers to remotely monitor their development and delivery status.

Patient CRM

Customer relationship management solutions contribute to better customer experience, cost reduction, higher productivity, and improved communications. These systems help companies to establish long-term relationships with their customers. This, respectively, leads to improved business performance and higher profits.

Patient CRM solutions for the pharma industry improve the interaction between parties by personalizing and retaining it. These platforms also ensure better collaboration between teams, less legal hassle, as well as higher conversion rates.

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