BGO Software Launches 30-Day LinkedIn Challenge

BGO Software 06 Oct 2017 - 1 min read
linkedIn challenge

The Idea Behind Our LinkedIn Challenge

For many start-up company owners, established business leaders, and industry experts, LinkedIn is the right place to be. Especially when they want to attract new partners, sponsors, or employees. Reportedly, the website hosts 65 million business experts and around 500 million users in general, deriving from 200 different countries. Imagine the outreach. Imagine the scope. Imagine the exposure to potential talent and/or solution seekers. However, many believe that as much of a business network as it is, LinkedIn grew to become (or should we rather say, shrank to become) yet another social media channel where people outline their thoughts, daily activities, and an interesting read or article every now and then. In order to find out, we are launching a 30-Day LinkedIn Challenge.

The question

So, the question to ask is: Can we still think of LinkedIn as an influential platform that scales up businesses and drives new corporate opportunities or has it become just another social media?

The challenge

It’s time to bust the myth!

During our 30-Day LinkedIn Challenge, each and every day we will publish short posts regarding our career opportunities, products, solutions, and services. You may call this a shameless self-promotion and in a way – it will be. But we won’t be selfish. Join our challenge, and we’ll promote you, too*! In an ideal situation, we’ll bring business back on LinkedIn.

Here are the several ways to participate in the challenge:

  • Start your own 30-Days LinkedIn Challenge and get in touch (details below);
  • Directly contact us and get a quote in case you find the right service that matches your business needs;
  • Spread the word and recommend our solutions to appropriate business persons, company owners, colleagues;
  • Refer potential partners to us;
  • Contribute with ideas and tell us how we can improve the campaign.

* We’ll help you spread the word by sharing your message on our social media accounts.

Start your own 30-Day Linked In challenge!

Let’s expand this and reach globally. Start your own 30-Day LinkedIn Challenge and get in touch. Our team will be happy to share ideas and insights and then together we can summarize the results.

If you’d like to speak to our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us on with the subject “30-Day LinkedIn Challenge”.