The Evolution of BGO Software’s IT Training and Consultancy in 2 Years

30 Nov 2016 3 min read
BGO Software

For the last two years, BGO Software has organized over 40 consultancy and training sessions for more than 50 different clients and Progress Software partners from all around the world. Our qualified specialists carried out Kendo UI-focused events in countries such as UK, USA, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Finland, Tunisia, Bulgaria and many others. In order to match business values and requirements, we always tailor our solutions, topics, training agenda and type of training services to our clients’ expectations. Allowing them to get the most out of our experts’ know-how and their knowledge, clients can choose between on-site training, remote training, in-house consultancy, web-based consultancy or webinars

As a leading Kendo UI training provider and trusted partner to corporate organizations from various industries, some of our most renowned projects were completed for clients from the Progress Software community, and other industry leading companies. On top of being Official Government Supplier for the Health Research Authority (Department of Health, United Kingdom), we are an official Progress Premier Service Delivery Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and Business Partner of a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Corporation as well.

Back in May 2015, Telerik by Progress introduced their Kendo UI certification program with the ultimate goal to distinguish IT specialists that have an in-depth understanding of the framework. With experts who know the Kendo UI library inside out, BGO Software was recognized as one of the first partners in the Progress ecosystem that successfully completed the certification program. On the one hand, our success story is supported by BGO Software’s team of experts who know how to deliver maximally optimized software and application performance for a shorter development time. And currently we have the highest number of Kendo UI certified developers. On the other hand, there are our consultants and trainers who help us outrun any competition. They demonstrate professionalism, experience, readiness and capability to transmit their knowledge to others by carrying out a range of consultancy and training sessions.

IT training and consultancy: What do we do?

All of our achievements, beginning from 2015 and continuing until the present day, are depicted in the following infographic.


We deliver practical advice for you, come up with informative solutions, focus on sustainable results, build on your existing knowledge, enhance your current skills, look back at previous experience to map out your future expertise, polish business values and usher professionalism.

Since BGO Software is a Progress Premier Partner, our company consults clients and Progress’ partners on how to make the best use of application modernization, digital transformation and migration processes by applying a number of innovative technologies. 

Because of the ever-increasing diversity of technological developments, trends and customers’ demands, we upgrade the content of our IT training and consultancy events all the time. This way, we make sure that our services respond to the current market, business and IT industry as a whole. BGO Software’s webinars, training and consultancies revolve around a wide range of curriculum areas and topics. Some of them include: Kendo Mobile & Kendo UI Web, Kendo UI PHP Wrappers, Kendo UI MVC Wrappers, Java Script, jQuery, AngularJS, OpenEdge and more.

BGO Software’s IT training and consultancies include: on-site and remote sessions, Kendo UI trainings, webinars, seminars, in-house or web-based sessions, analysis and transition management. Upon completion of our consultancies, training sessions and seminars, you will be able to:

  • Manipulate and visualize different data structures
  • Create distinguishable web and mobile user interface, using the most advanced UI controls
  • Modernize Kendo UI screens for mobile devices
  • Build optimized and visually attractive applications
  • Improve their performance and much more

Why trusting our trainers and consultants?

There are no one-size-fits-all business models. Respectively, there are no one-size-fits-all business solutions either. That’s why BGO Software’s consultants and trainers organize each and every training, consultancy or webinar in a way that reflects the expectations of our clients. Having trained more than 250 developers in 2 years and mentoring from small to big IT teams, we know how to adapt our training and consultancies to customers’ requirements and their business needs. We understand their perspectives and value. We invest the necessary time. We make every effort and create tailored in-depth and hands-on training agendas. We dedicate 100% of our professionalism and experience in favor of our clients’ demands. With more than 10 years of experience, our experts will help you learn the ins and outs of Kendo UI toolset, OpenEdge and other industry leading technologies, frameworks and languages, regardless of the nature, complexity, scale or design of your project.

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