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30 Sep 2016 4 min read
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VPS hosting

For the last couple of years, cloud computing has become extremely popular. This is not something unexpected, especially if we take into account three crucial facts. Firstly, the Internet has given rise to completely new trends and broader opportunities. Secondly, it has facelifted the economy and boosted its growth in different parts of the world. And thirdly, the Internet has had and continues to have game-changing effects on human society, including average users as well as business owners, entrepreneurs, and individual wanna-be-trend-setters. We have e-commerce; virtual working environments; digital transformation that is taking place right now and changing how companies are handling their business; VPS hosting services; and people who are investing in integrated online-based services more often than they did even one year ago.

Everything is moving full steam ahead with a speed of 43Tbps per second. So yes, cloud computing is everywhere. And yes, moving to the cloud shouldn’t really blow our mind. Internet-based computing services have already become an integral part of the successful business landscape. Statistics show that the resistance to cloud computing that companies used to have is decreasing. In return, the global spending on cloud services is expected to reach $108 billion by 2017. Now we have more enterprises relying on the power of cloud computing and trusting the benefits that come along. And that’s great. Realizing that smart businesses need smart and contemporary solutions, we at BGO Software created our own platform for cloud-based services to deliver flexibility, quality, time-efficacy, cost-efficiency and adequate support.

BGOcloud and VPS hosting: when professionalism, experience and reliability matter

VPS hosting

Some company owners seek impressive content on their websites. Others value good web hosting instead. Thanks to our 10+ years of experience accompanied by comprehensive industry knowledge, we can provide business incumbents with a web hosting solution that matches their business profile and is tailored to their specific needs.

Take your hosting experience to the next level. Choose the best solution for your specific business needs.

This way, in addition to custom software development, website and application development, application modernization, training, consultancy and support, BGO Software’s team of dedicated programmers, designers and system administrators can now take the hosting experience of our clients to the next level by guaranteeing

  • Improved performance
  • Scalability
  • Fast launching
  • Pre-installed plugins
  • Better speed
  • More than enough disk space and bandwidth provided in our plans
  • 24/7 monitoring of the entire infrastructure to avoid, detect and correct deviations
  • Improvement to the search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Smooth hardware operations
  • Reliable Backup strategies
  • Server performance optimization

What do we offer?

  • cPanel Hosting

VPS hosting

cPanel is an ideal web based control panel that helps manage the services on clients’ dedicated server. Thanks to our cPanel hosting solutions, clients can take advantage of well-built graphical interface, granting them fast and simplified control over their portion of the server. We deliver SSD storage, a range of helpful tools, backups, unlimited traffic, free IP addresses as well as an array of top-rated websites and business applications. There are four cPanel plans, including: Launch, Mainstream, Popular and Famous.

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

VPS and related virtualization technologies continue to add on functionalities and enhance their performance. One of the primary reasons why customers choose VPS hosting is because it gives them better security to count on, bigger control over their system resources and environment allocated to them. In addition to this, our VPS hosting solution provides with a web-based management console that is flexible and easy to use. There is also a number of real IPs, VPN network option behind cloud-based router and more.

  • OpenVZ Virtual Machines

We want our clients to extract the most out of our VPS solutions and therefore we have included affordable and reliable OpenVZ based virtual servers. They deliver scalability, mass management of VE files and processes as well as density. Clients can choose between three OVZ packages: OVZ-Small, OVZ-Medium and OVZ-Large.

  • KVM Virtual Machines

Our professional class virtual servers based on KVM are suitable for small to medium sized organizations. They provide with a simple and flexible management console. Moreover, with our KVM hosting solution organizations are equipped with robust flexibility, scalability, high-quality of service, open ecosystem and advanced security between virtual machines.

  • Mikrotik VPS

VPS hosting

Clients can benefit from a virtual machine with Mikrotik CHR system installed on it. This will allow them to have completely functional router in the Cloud in just a few clicks. Mikrotik CHR can be used as a VNP concentrator, for private network management and organization. It can also be used for WebProxy, Radius Server or User-management for different hotspot systems. With an application such as The Dude, for example, users can quickly improve the way they manage and monitor their own network environment.

In summary, quite often successful web projects are impossible without having proper hosting in the first place. Knowing how important that is for businesses, we at BGO Software developed BGOcloud platform where customers can find quality hosting solutions.

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