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man programming using laptop 02 Aug 2017 - 6 min read

How to Learn a New Programming Language Faster?

Technology Trends & News

We all have heard and read in different articles and posts that one of the most fundamental ways of learning…

happy scientist working in lab 25 Jul 2017 - 4 min read

Clinical Trial Systems & Development Methodologies: The Right Approach

Healthcare technology

Digitalization is at the forefront of clinical studies. The increasing complexity of trials, the need for easier access to systematized…

redesign 27 Jun 2017 - 4 min read

BGO Software Launches Website Redesign for Better Client Experience

Company News

What better way to make great first impression in the IT business than establishing a great online presence and image?…

crowded office desk 06 Jun 2017 - 7 min read

How Can Automation Tools Boost Your IT Business and Development?

Technology Trends & News

The software world is marching towards an era of automation where manual labor is slowly being replaced by heavily computerized…

Bulgaria IT Industry 30 May 2017 - 6 min read

How is the IT Industry Changing Bulgaria?

Technology Trends & News

Small in size and yet big in opportunities, Bulgaria has transformed in one of the world’s leading IT business destinations…

development team 26 May 2017 - 5 min read

How to Build a High-Performing Development Team?

Technology Trends & News

Building a high-performance development team can be as tricky as finding out that the only reason why the code isn’t…

IoT 17 May 2017 - 5 min read

IoT: Trends, Predictions, Business Transformations & Opportunities

Technology Trends & News

The Internet of Things brings forward a new wave of technological changes all of which have a tremendous impact on…

PHP features 11 May 2017 - 2 min read

Why Use PHP for Your Project? Top 7 Newly Added Features

Technology Trends & News

Introduced more than 20 years ago for the first time, PHP has become one of the most imperative server-side languages…

software development methodologies 26 Apr 2017 - 5 min read

Which are the Top 8 Software Development Methodologies?

Technology Trends & News

While the IT sector is booming and moving progressively forward, experiencing various changes and transitions along the way, there certainly…