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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

VPS hosting solution that we provide combines OpenVZ and KVM dedicated server hosting. Some of the major benefits for our clients are improved security, absolute control over their system resources, infrastructure and environment. In addition to this, our VPS hosting solution comes with a web-based management control panel that is flexible and

easy to use. Every client receives a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth usage. There is also a number of free IPs, VPN network option behind cloud-based router and more. BGOcloud enables you to set up your servers with virtualization and deploy virtual machines faster than ever before.

Milko Emanuilov

Website Owner

I have been using KVM hosting solution for six months already. I would like to share my
impressions from the BGOcloud service: it's very fast and reliable with user friendly
and simple control panel. I really like it and will definitely continue using this
particular VPS hosting plan.

KVM Virtual Machines

Our professional class virtual servers based on KVM are suitable for small to medium sized organizations. They provide with a simple and flexible management console.

Moreover, with our KVM hosting solution clients are equipped with robust flexibility, scalability, high quality of service, open ecosystem and advanced security between virtual machines.

OpenVZ Virtual Machines

We want our clients to get the most out of our VPS hosting solutions and for that reason we have included affordable and reliable OpenVZ based virtual servers. They deliver scalability, mass management of VE files and processes as well as density. Clients can choose between three OVZ packages: OVZ-Small, OVZ-Medium and OVZ-Large.

Mikrotik VPS

Quality hosting experience is impossible without having quality hosting solutions like Mikrotik VPS. Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) system is installed on a virtual machine and is ready to run with just a few clicks. It allows clients to use the system as a VPN concentrator which helps them manage and monitor their private network in a much better, easier and time-efficient way. When it comes to different hotspot systems, our solution gives users the flexibility to use Mikrotik CHR for Radius Server, WebProxy and User-management.

This is more than a completely functional router in the Cloud. It is an opportunity to improve the way you work with your very own network environment!

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