Modernising clinical trials: custom product
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Leveraging technology for
faster and more successful
Clinical Research Studies

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Since 2012 BGO Software has had the privilege to build projects for organisations such as the Health Research Authority (Department of Health in the UK), IQVIA, Covance, Department of Health in Bulgaria, various large and small CROs and SMOs. The hands-on experience that we have gained in the field, along with the in-depth knowledge of the legal and regulatory landscape, presented us with the opportunity to build a wide range of module-based solutions, platforms and products for the industry.

Our experience in the adoption of digital health technologies in clinical research help our clients improve patient outcomes collection, streamline the whole clinical research workflow and improve patient engagement.

Achieve maximum flexibility with
custom product development
or faster time to market
with our customisable
product platforms.

Take a look at our portfolio of customisable clinical research solutions that employ the latest technologies and industry trends and provide you with flexibility, predictability and considerably faster time-to-market.

Clinical Trial Management Systems

We have developed a web-based clinical trial management system, which is 100% modifiable to your organization’s needs while complying with regulatory requirements. Additionally, Clinicubes CTMS can be quickly adapted to facilitate your firm’s schedules, procedures and workflows and it serves as the perfect hybrid between ready-made (“off the shelf software“) and a custom software solution.

  • Full visibility over the costs
  • Meet study timelines
  • End-to-end digital data management
  • Easy reports generation

Electronic case report form (eCRF)

An electronic case report form is a tool used to facilitate the collection of consistent and valid data from each participating patient in a clinical trial. It accelerates this process, as all patient data (including data from patient questionnaires, and about adverse events) are directly entered into the database. The numerous advantages of eCRF include improved data security and quality, cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, and faster but stricter data accessibility and easy analysis.

  • Secure data storage
  • Generate reports in minutes
  • Greater efficiency of study participants
  • Decreased study costs

Electronic data capture (EDC) systems

For the digitisation of the data collection and management processes of clinical research entities, we have developed a full-featured and customisable Electronic Data Capture (EDC) platform - Metaforms. The platform is an end-to-end module-based solution, which enables you to easily capture and integrate data from various data sources - clinicians, patients, devices, wearables, and EHR systems. Metaforms works seamlessly with other systems, maximises efficiency and patient outcomes and ensures interoperability and industry compliance. Create eCRF, EHR and ePRO documents easily. Ensure the secure data storage and smooth collaboration with electronic documents for your team.

  • Ensure data quality
  • Decrease study duration
  • Database confidentiality and safety
  • Remote access to the data

Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) Solutions

Mitigate the risk and improve study quality by implementing advanced risk assessment and monitoring solution. Integrate technology, data analytics and industry know-how to reduce the costs for trial oversight and improve the operations. BGO Software’s risk-based monitoring solution enables you to visualize and manipulate operational data in clinical research. Use predictive analytics to identify and address issues earlier. Еnhance the CRA efficiency and deliver measurable improvements and patient outcomes. With our Risk-Based Monitoring Solutions you can optimize the clinical development models and use data intelligence to reduce risk, while improving study quality and patient safety.

  • Key risk indicators and triggers management
  • Centralized monitoring for increased compliance
  • Predictive and advanced analytics
  • Demonstrated effectiveness across all studies and phases

Our Services

  • Web and Mobile
    Applications Development

    Over the last decade, corporate clients from over 15 countries have enjoyed the benefits of working with our team of consultants and IT professionals on their digital transformation journey. Our custom web application development services include building web apps from scratch, as well as modernising existing legacy software.

    We help our customers to accelerate their clinical trials, improve data accuracy and ensure closer control over their studies and data.

  • Managed Dedicated Teams

    On-demand first class IT resources

    This service is custom built for health organisations that need to focus on their project delivery roadmap and architecture design, while working with a trusted vendor for the execution of their projects. Our managed teams offering focuses on gradual building of trust between the parties, transparency and capacity in a wide range of industry relevant technologies when you need them, for as long as you need them.

  • Legacy Applications

    If you are among the innovators of the clinical research industry, that already employ the benefits of technology for their clinical studies, you might want to build upon your existing capacity and keep pace with the market dynamics. Modernise your legacy applications with the use of latest technologies. We will securely transfer your existing data, Implement new features, improve data security, modernise UI and provide new opportunities for your patients.

  • CTO as a Service

    Transparent relationship based on trust

    Our tailored consultancy service provides the assistance of an on-demand senior technical leader, that handles the technology-driven challenges of a project and manages the engineering team. CTOaaS delivers immediate value, drives your project forward, eliminates operational risks and fosters reusability across the company’s strategic roadmap.

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VitruCare is an online desease management platform for patients, their doctors and care team members. The platform puts patients in control of their health in a new and exciting way. VirtuCare was built to enable the proper and modern management of long-term chronic conditions, preparation for surgery, coordination of recovery care for frailty and complex conditions, and more. VirtuCare is a multi-platform solution that can be used on any device.

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