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Technology reshaping Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries.

Thanks to technology, today patients have access to advanced diagnostic tools, cutting-edge treatments and a variety of wearable devices. Outdated paper records are being replaced by electronic health records. This ensures a higher level of security for patient’s data and better patients’ care in general. Thanks to innovations, now data can be accessed remotely, while still ensuring strict access control. 

Patients and doctors can take advantage of the digital healthcare solutions to remove physical barriers. Wearable technologies are highly beneficial to individuals as they enable people to track a variety of health markers including activity and stress level, sleep patterns, heart rate variability, etc. These smart electronic devices enhance patient engagement and outcomes, and they are even able to reduce hospital costs.


IT challenges faced by the Healthcare industry

Some of the major challenges for the healthcare industry are related to sensitive information security, data gathering, and analysis, as well as preventing human errors. Technology can facilitate and improve most processes related to healthcare. The risk of data breaches and exposing confidential patient information like records, invoicing and billing is a significant and delicate IT challenge. When developing a system collecting sensitive information, it is important to strictly abide by the numerous industry compliant standards and regulations. When creating payment processing systems or patient portals, organizations need to ensure that the infrastructure is secure and fully compliant.

Ensuring a streamlined patient experience and building centralized patient portals updated in real-time can help organizations avoid costly mistakes and improve patient outcomes as well. 

AI in combination with big data has the potential to drastically reduce medical errors by analyzing the patients’ records and prescribed medications. It also can:

  • reduce costs
  • improve profits
  • manage inventory
  • cut down on waste
  • cure diseases
  • reduce human errors
  • predict epidemics
  • improve patients’ outcomes

Our experience


Our expertise in healthcare

More than a decade, BGO Software specializes in crafting IT solutions for the healthcare industry. The wide range of projects, which we have delivered, include advanced web and mobile applications, patient portals, along with the provision of systems support, software as a service (SaaS) platforms, and others. BGO Software’s main priority is to fulfill clients’ needs and projects’ requirements while ensuring customer transparency and attention to detail during the development process. 

If your organization is interested in high-quality digital healthcare solutions BGO provides high-end development capabilities that can enhance the efficiency and profitability of your organization. Our portfolio includes projects for healthcare organizations from all over the world, including from the United Kingdom and Australia. If you make the right choice and collaborate with our skillful IT experts who have the experience and knowledge to guide you during every phase of the development process, your project is will be delivered in the same good business practices manner, with a guaranteed ISO standard (ISO 9001 and ISO 27001).

As you can see from renown works so far, BGO provides HIPAA compliance software development services and deliver sophisticated and profitable products for any healthcare organization.


Some of our Solutions

BGO projects in the Healthcare industry

  • Metaforms

It is a highly flexible software that allows you to perform dynamic forms modeling in a simple and fast manner. It allows you to design the forms exclusively as per your requirements and preferences. Metaforms offers you the opportunity to easily create and process a variety of complex forms: (patient) questionnaires, surveys, application forms (such as clinical trial application forms, employment or scholarship applications, etc.). This system can significantly improve the productivity of any organization and can reduce expenses on office supplies (paper, stationery, etc.). The software is easily customizable by non-experts, and you can use it literally from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the Internet. Metaforms is the perfect solution for fast digitization of existing paper-based processes, making it easy for archives to be integrated and embedded into existing systems, like  ERP, CRM, Websites, etc. 


  • Clinicubes CTMS

Clinicubes is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that helps hospitals, contract research organizations, as well as pharma and site management organizations, to streamline every process of clinical trial management. The system ensures better planning, enhanced efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. It has an entirely customizable structure to easily fit the specific needs of almost any medical, research or healthcare organization.


  • Healthcare CRM

Healthcare customer relationship management systems are designed to give healthcare organizations crucial and detailed information about patient habits and activities. Thanks to these CRM systems, healthcare experts can use the gathered data more efficiently and ensure a higher level of patient enrollment, engagement, and retention. Healthcare CRMs provide patients with more accurate and timely customer service processes. These systems enable easy document management and archiving improved patient satisfaction and reduced costs. The integration of a CRM and EHR is a perfect solution, as it allows you to drive more value from the data stored in both systems. 


  • Electronic health record (EHR)

An electronic health record is a systematized and digital collection of a patient’s health information, such as prescriptions, diagnoses, medical histories, surgical notes, etc. This system is a really useful solution for health care providers and organizations, as it enables faster access to patient health records. It also provides a more convenient way of sharing this information with patients themselves and other health care providers and organizations. Thus, more coordinated and efficient patient care is guaranteed. Of course, the level of data security is top-notch. The integration of EHR with a patient portal allows patients to effortlessly interact with their health care providers, to access their medical records and medical exam results.


  • Workforce management & engagement platform

An application like this one can noticeably improve employee satisfaction and it can be used at the convenience of your mobile device. It provides users with easy access and intuitive navigation. However, its most important advantage is that the staff wouldn’t need to conform to time restrictions like departments’ working hours. For example, such an application can reduce bureaucracy and enhance HR’s department overall functions.


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