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Web Academy
bgo logo 10 May 2016 - 4 min read

BGO Software Establishes free Web Academy in Stara Zagora

Company NewsTechnology Trends & News

With a solid background and more than 10 years of experience, we at BGO Software have foreseen that the economic…

bgo logo 18 Apr 2016 - 5 min read

Digital Health or How Technologies Redefine Healthcare

Technology Trends & News

Technology is poised to redefine healthcare and clinical research. From wearable technologies, through cloud services and electronic data capture, to…

bgo logo 11 Apr 2016 - 6 min read

Why Developers Are Business Model Extenders?

Technology Trends & News

We talk about developers being creators of trends and agents who drive change. We think of them as being innovators…

community coding
bgo logo 05 Apr 2016 - 6 min read

Hackathons? 9 Undeniable Reasons to Love Them

Technology Trends & News

Hackathons seem to be this type of events which are really worth the hype in recent years as well as…

bgo logo 31 Mar 2016 - 5 min read

Computer Failures: 5 Historical Software Bugs

Technology Trends & News

No software is perfect. Software bugs have existed ever since the creation of early version electromechanical computers. So even the…

power of information technology
bgo logo 25 Mar 2016 - 5 min read

6 Reasons IT Companies Fear Application Modernisation

Technology Trends & News

It’s not uncommon today to dig out 10-, 20- and even 30-year-old legacy systems which are still partially or completely…

programming, coding
bgo logo 17 Mar 2016 - 5 min read

Addicted to Coding? Us Too. 5 Reasons We Just Can’t Stop

Technology Trends & News

Is your brain wired differently? Do you spend 15+ hours per day programming in front of the computer screen, at…

programmers, skills
bgo logo 10 Mar 2016 - 5 min read

What is Tucked in the IT Drawer? 5 Underrated Programming Skills

Technology Trends & News

Dramatic and drastic. That’s how we dare describe the progress of IT. And while it is fuming with tremendous speed,…

TED ideas worth spreading
bgo logo 01 Mar 2016 - 7 min read

9 Thrilling TED Talks That Anyone Working in IT Industry Should Watch

Technology Trends & News

We can’t ignore the fact that our world is tech-driven however you look at it. Just think about that. People…

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