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Adopting a technology agnostic approach in the development of web and mobile health applications, that allow patients, clinicians and health service providers to harness the potential of health data and technologies.

Our creative and cohesive team of talented technology consultants and IT professionals has a solid experience in the development and modernisation of multi-platform software systems, that abide by the numerous industry compliant standards and regulations.

Access to high-quality medical
care - anytime & anywhere

With versatile mobile health solutions, you will be able to address a variety of health issues on the go. Telemedicine, Digital Therapeutics, and Care Navigation solutions, purpose-built for integrated value-based care.

Patient Engagement

BGO Software has developed a wide range of Patient Engagement mobile and hybrid applications helping health service providers to track remotely patients, provide support and engage them with the right information according to their condition. Thanks to these technology solutions, companies can deliver better value and improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients globally.

  • Connect better with patients
  • Delivers direct-to-consumer virtual care services
  • Connect with wearables to track and capture data
  • Collect data remotely and personalise your services
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Digital Therapeutics & Monitoring Applications

Chronic conditions require constant monitoring and support to patients to improve conditions and live a better life. BGO Software is experienced in building digital health applications for remote patient monitoring, support and navigation. Some of our solutions are used by government organizations like NHS in UK.

  • Personalised care
  • Deliver health educational content
  • Drive engagement and adherence to treatment
  • Collect and analyse complex data
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Electronic Patient Records

A cross-platform hybrid solution to digitalise your patient information and health records, as well as all administrative tasks and the storage of clinical records. We are experienced in building solutions to streamline the communication and collaboration of various points of the healthcare ecosystem and make it easier to access the full medical history of each patient.

  • Fill in EHR forms on the go
  • Access centralised data in a secure way
  • Use ready and easy to customise templates
  • Make data-driven decisions for patient wellbeing
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Healthcare CRM

Patient CRM - a user-friendly software solution for the management of patient support and patient adherence programs. It covers all the needs of the program or clinical trial by providing an online platform for all participants in it. Support patients, improve adherence and achieve better outcomes with the help of a user-friendly and lightweight software solution.

  • Fill in EHR forms on the go
  • Access centralised data in a secure way
  • Use ready and easy to customise templates
  • Make data-driven decisions for patient wellbeing

Our services for healthcare

  • Partner in Project Leadership

    Project CTO as
    a Service

    Our tailored consultancy service provides the assistance of a senior technical leader, who handles the technology-driven challenges of
    a project and manages the engineering
    team. The service ensures efficiency,
    eliminates operations risks, delivers optimal support in decision-making processes, and guarantees the success of your projects.

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  • Our client is your client

    Product Development as
    a Service

    Using state-of-the-art, agile methodologies, BGO Software designs and develops digital health products that the market needs and
    that deliver clearly defined added value for
    society. Our design-driven approach ensures quick project start, limits the risk, and
    delivers maximum success.

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  • On-demand high-skilled IT Talent

    IT Talent as
    a Service

    A flexible and custom-built service for CROs, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and
    healthcare organisations to assist with the implementation of their digital strategy roadmap. Allowing customers to focus on
    their core business, while our high-skilled managed teams take care of the execution of the projects.

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Trusted by global clinical
research entities

A mobile application - chronic inflammatory conditions


A mobile application developed by our team for one of our clients and partners - Ampersand Health, that is designed to support people with chronic inflammatory conditions. Healthsuite combines practical tips and tools for patients with variety of chronic conditions and delivers accurate information for complex topics like Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and other forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, over 200 forms of Arthritis and the most recent My Dermatology app, for skin issues and conditions.

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