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End-to-end custom software and SaaS solutions for
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Entrusting the development of specialized software in the hands of our experienced team has proven to be the right choice for many Fortune 500 companies and organizations. Amongst those are the Department of Health of the

United Kingdom, a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Corporation, and Astra Nova, a UK-based training solutions provider within the Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research industries.

The range of services we offer include solutions for nearly every step of the development process of a new medicine:

Full-cycle software development services for
clinical research and pharmaceutical organizations

BGO Software’s expertise covers the full cycle of drug
development from pre-clinical laboratory testing through clinical
trial to drug manufacturing

Risk-based monitoring Solutions
for Clinical Research Organization

Portfolio ExampleSystem Developed for a Top 3 Global CRO

Based on complex logic, the risk-based monitoring software can help clinical research organizations save billions of dollars. This solution supports identification of the sites within the organization’s network with a higher risk factor for poor performance.

We have developed and helped implement an advanced risk-based monitoring system for one of the world’s largest CROs. During development, the team gained extensive expertise in creating solutions with flawless performance and appealing user interface.

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Government software for
clinical trial applications
review & approval

Portfolio Example Web-Based System for the United Kingdom Department of Health

BGO Software worked with the UK Department of Health for the creation of two web-based software systems which streamline the process of submitting applications and obtaining all necessary approvals for clinical trials.

With an understanding of the full cycle of clinical trial review, our team can assist any private or government organization with revamping clinical trial application processes, simplifying complex mechanisms, and achieving new productivity levels.

Project IRAS Project HARP

Clinical Trial Management System

Portfolio Example Web-Based CTMS offered as SaaS

Clinicubes CTMS is a web-based clinical trial management system which is 100% modifiable to your organization’s needs while complying with regulatory requirements. Some of its default integrated features are:

  • Easy data import and flawless integration with other systems
  • Instant preview of timetables, financial information, and objectives
  • Quick and easy monitoring of study details
  • Management of procedures and activities
  • Overview of study budget and financial forecasting
  • Management and tracking of trial information

Additionally, Clinicubes CTMS can be quickly adapted to facilitate your firm’s procedures and workflows and serves as the perfect hybrid between a ready-made and custom software solution.

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Manufacturing Intelligent
System for the Pharmaceutical

Portfolio Example GMP Compliant Web Application for one of
the top 3 Global Pharma Companies

BGO Software has expertise in creating a GMP compliant system for centralised management of processes and product monitoring. We have built a complex web application that supports Data Management, Advanced Analytics, Validated Reporting, and Data Visualization. The system allows for quick management of product monitoring metrics as well as of both real-time and paper-based processes.

Our team of developers, specializing in intelligent manufacturing software solutions can help you identify your exact demands and deliver a solution within budget and deadline.

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Zuno LMS - Advanced Learning
Management System

Portfolio Example LMS for a Leading UK-based Company
Providing Training to Over 20,000 Clinical
Research Professionals

Zuno LMS allows healthcare, clinical research, and pharmaceutical organizations to create and manage learning processes in the form of online courses. Ideal for designing on-boarding trainings for your new employees, as well as advanced specializations for your most valuable professionals, Zuno can help you streamline the optimization of the most important assets of your company - manpower.

Our Learning Management System is used by one of UK’s leading training & certification providers within the clinical research industry. The software is currently being used by over 20 000 professionals.

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Custom Software Development or
Ready-made Solution: which one is right for you?

Despite the often-raised questions regarding the costs of custom development software many companies have already discovered that this is an unnecessary concern. In many cases, ready-made products prove to be ineffective by lacking scalability, offering plenty of unnecessary features, and often being too slow to update in the rapidly changing world of healthcare, clinical research, and pharmaceutical manufacture. The benefits of having a tailor-made solution are obvious to large corporations, yet they are as suitable for them as for the mid-sized and even small companies.

Off-the-shelf software can sometimes be the most practical approach as it typically allows for almost immediate implementation. In specific situations, it can also be more cost-efficient, especially when dealing with very strict budgets and deadlines.

Below, we have attempted to provide you with information that is critical when making an informed decision.

Do you expect your business to scale up?

Scaling up a ready-made software solution has proven difficult and in some cases even impossible. This can be particularly challenging for clinical research or pharmaceutical organizations. If not addressed in a timely manner, one such issue can cause irreversible damages to the growth, reputation, and expansion of the firm. Custom software development completely eliminates this issue. With the choice of the right technological partner, each software solution can be designed for growth, thus allowing quick adaptation and facilitating business development needs.

With the above said, if you are selecting a software for continuous use within your organization, the smartest decision will be to ensure it is a perfect fit. If you are, however, choosing a software solution which will only be used for a certain project, this may prove ineffective. Consider the time you and your team need to invest into specifying the features needed for completing the project. If the workaround provided by the off-the-shelf solution will not consume more time than the design and development of custom software requires, then ready-made will be your best bet.

How important is User Experience to you?

Healthcare and clinical professionals should not be forced to become software masterminds in order to do their job. Moreover, training personnel is often costly in terms of both financial and time investments. When the software solution those professionals need to use is made to fit their demands, however, these issues are automatically solved. By engaging specialists in the design and development process, they can address every concern before it turns into a major problem and thus greatly reduce the time needed for implementing the new systems.

Do you need to comply with regulatory requirements?

In the highly regulated fields of the healthcare, clinical research, and pharmaceutical industries, ensuring that the company complies with all existing and new regulations is mandatory. Working with a technological partner allows organizations to address compliance needs and attend to any concern before it becomes an issue. Furthermore, responding to new regulatory requirements even after the delivery of the software solution is far easier and often less costly as compared to this process with ready-made solutions.

Are you bound by a strict budget or will you wrap the
budget around your goal?

Although acquiring a ready-made software solution may initially seem as a better economic decision, many factors are often not taken into account. This includes, but is not limited to, additional modifications of the existing solution; support; initial and ongoing personnel training; time for implementing the new system; etc. These additional expenses may greatly increase the overall ownership costs, especially considering the vast variety of needs and requirements of the healthcare, clinical research, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the growing number of governmental regulations. Custom software development addresses the largest part of those questions as early as conceptualization stage. This allows you to set expectations accordingly and have a clear estimation of the total ownership cost of your software solution.

What type of support will you need?

There are a number of benefits when a software solution has been created from scratch by a chosen technological partner, including establishing smooth communication with the development team. This would allow addressing issues quickly, without the need of providing excessive amount of information. Additionally, the familiarity of the development team with the structure of each part of the software solution helps providing efficient and timely support to healthcare, clinical research, or pharmaceutical professionals, thus increasing the overall efficiency.

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