Managed Agile Teams for CROs
and Pharmaceutical companies

Our outsourcing services are fully transparent,
allowing clients to be an active part of the development process

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Software Development
and Validation

Software Development Tools

We are absolutely committed to carefully studying the needs of our clients and creating services, that generate maximum value for them. All of the leading pharmaceutical and CRO organisations that we work with, treat the quality of work and the quality of the businenss relationship as equally important.

Our job is to create for them the space that they need, to be able to focus on architecture, design and the planning and management of their entire delivery roadmap. Besides providing high skilled talent in a wide range of technologies, we place main focus on gradual building of trust between the parties, through transparency, proven methodologies of work and clear communication.

Design & Development

  • The transparent and iterative nature of agile development ensures appropriate prioritization of requirements, while delivering the highest product value to our clients in the end. Firstly, we identify how the business requirements will be implemented and take into consideration the entire solution, technical and integration architecture as well as workload and cost planning. After that we proceed to the dedicated development of specific systems, data elements, functionalities and high-level solution subsystems, which help us satisfy the business needs of our customers.

    • Business Analysis
    • Estimate & Planing
    • UX/UI Design
    • Development
  • Relationship Management

    Our promise is that establishing high level of trust between teams, is the path to delivering outstanding results. We are determined to only form business relationships, that have the potential to reach a high level of trust and engagement between the delivery and the management teams on both sides. The “start small”, gradual approach is one of the ways that we manage risk. By implementing proven methodologies and tools for collaboration, we establish a culture of complete transparency and constant feedback.

    • High Level of Trust
    • Team Synergy
    • "Start Small"
    • Full Transparency
  • Driving Projects Forward

    Our clients are looking to build solutions that differentiate them from their competitors and create a considerable marketing advantage for their organisation. To achieve those results, we employ an approach of high engagement and driving client projects forward with a solid leadership structure in the teams and complimentary custom services, such as CTO as a Service.

    • Niche Solutions
    • High Engagement
    • Forward Thinking
    • Solid Leadership
  • Back-end MS Technologies

  • Microsoft .Net

  • Microsoft .Net Core

  • Microsoft ASP.Net MVC

  • Microsoft Entity Framework

  • C#

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Blazor

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Open Source Technologies

  • PHP Laravel

  • PHP Symfony

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

  • Python

  • Mobile Hybrid

  • Xamarin

  • Front-end Technologies

  • JavaScript

  • Angular

  • Twitter Bootstrap

  • HTML5

  • Vue.js

  • Mobile Native


  • Objective-C