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Our outsourcing services are fully transparent,
allowing clients to be an active part of the development process

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Our constant effort to become better at what we do delivers results in the form of effective and functional web applications, mobile apps and other innovative software solutions.

Outsourcing Software

Software Development Tools

All of the outsourced teams are chosen for their experience and skill set, in response to the client’s specific demands. The team will work as your own and will compensate for the lack of necessary IT expertise. The ready- made structure and procedures, and the well-defined roles and experience, allow for a smooth and immediate restart of your project. Product development is an ongoing process extended throughout the product lifecycle.

The key to success are specialists who know how the original product was built and suggest the best ways to expand its features. In outsourced software development, you will enjoy constant improvements - from small upgrade releases to major new product releases. While that’s happening, the team will continuously improve the product’s architecture, functions, features, design and quality.

  • Predictable

    and Defined Budget

  • Dedicated Team Members

    with Understanding of Client’s Goals

  • Requirements Change

    Any Time

  • Full Control

    of Project’s Planning & Management

  • Visible and Transparent

    Project Progress

  • Experienced Dedicated

    Project Manager

Design & Development

The transparent and iterative nature of agile development ensures appropriate prioritization of requirements, while delivering the highest product value to our clients in the end. Firstly, we identify how the business requirements will be implemented and take into consideration the entire solution, technical and integration architecture as well as workload and cost planning. After that we proceed to the dedicated development of specific systems, data elements, functionalities and high-level solution subsystems, which help us satisfy the business needs of our customers.

  • Back-end MS Technologies

  • Microsoft .Net

  • Microsoft .Net Core

  • Microsoft ASP.Net MVC

  • Microsoft Entity Framework

  • C#

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Open Source Technologies

  • PHP Laravel

  • PHP Symfony

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

  • Mobile Hybrid

  • Xamarin

  • Front-end Technologies

  • JavaScript

  • Angular

  • Twitter Bootstrap

  • HTML5

  • Mobile Native


  • C++