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Web Application

Aura FX is a worldwide operating Forex company which specializes in providing custom-made liquidity streams & pricing to suit the specific trading style of every client. The company uses mainly MetaTrader4 and Currenex platforms as well as several other trading solutions. They are constantly searching for ways to incorporate new technologies into the tools and services they offer. The ultimate goal is to ensure excellent performance, bigger value and competitive advantage to their clients.

The online-based system covers the Aura FX business part, presents the company, its services and specifics. It outlines how clients can benefit the most from a number of low, medium or high-risk return options, enables them to open accounts or trade currencies.

The system helps users find the exact information they need, assists them in establishing the relations trough different registration forms (depending of the business type they require). It also helps completing 2-way transactions – payments and withdrawals. The back-end is optimized in terms of handling and managing different types of leads, user details and communication information similarly to CRM but coupled with CMS area.

On the whole, the platform not only underlines the specifics of the Forex business, but it emphasizes on the beneficial client-centric approach of the company as well.

Information Architecture

The site structure, organization and data help visitors find and choose the right information among a wide range of

Real time tracking
Work Orders Management

Registration-to-deposit process

The website makes the path from “just checking” to “established partnership” much shorter due to its simple “registration-to-deposit” flow

Web forms management

The back-end of the site delivers user-friendly and
well-organized access to new registrations, leads, reports & statistics and the entire content management system

Freight transportation

Technology used:

  • PHP 5.6 powered by Laravel

  • MySQL 5.7

  • Twitter Bootstrap

  • jQuery

  • HTML5 / CSS3

  • Axure RP

Client’s Location

United Kingdom

New Zealand

Software Team

1 Engineer

1 QA

1 Project Manager

Development Timeline

March 2016

September 2016

Sean Martin

Director of Marketing & Online Sales, Aura FX

From the outset, we have found BGO Software’s dedication to our account to be of an exceptionally high standard.  The quality of work and quick response to critical issues has been second to none. We have greatly appreciated the structured approach to projects and subsequent support.  Their team demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our industry as well as our business priorities.  I was often impressed by the way in which they provided solutions before we even asked the question.  Furthermore, BGO could always be counted on to conduct themselves in a professional manner, regardless of what we threw at them.  I would not hesitate to recommend BGO to any company looking for a high return on investment.

Solution & Results

The client requested site improvement as it wasn’t operating properly due to a number of bugs and incomplete features. Some issues with the registration forms, payment process and options needed to be resolved, as they prevented users from proceeding.

The biggest challenge for our team was to get on track with the website and its functionalities in few days and recognize what could be completed or rewritten entirely. We had to create project specifications, following a clear process of reverse engineering of the existing code. We began by conducting an in-depth QA process, discovering and solving more than 160 problems. Poor standardized code was reorganized, all partially working features were finalized and several new ones were developed. Apart from applying regular delivery options, the whole payments processing was rewritten.

Features like detailed log of all transactions were added, ensuring better functionality and performance. The security of the system was increased significantly, keeping client data safe. To meet the client’s expectations and help them make the best decisions about the future of the project, we maintained constant communication and transparency. We also created Spec of the 2nd version of the platform – a single platform, allowing multi-domain management.

Solution & Results

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