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We created eSporter with the idea to provide gamers with an interactive online-based community platform where they can participate in different leagues and manage teams and tournaments at no cost. There are more than 20 of the greatest games which players can choose from, including Leage of Legends, StarCraft, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Dota and more. Our software allows gamers to follow the biggest and most exciting tournaments online.

The system also arrives with a set of options that enable users to create their own profile, assemble unlimited number of teams, recruit other players, review scores and detailed statistics, check schedules, keep track of the progress of different tournaments, set up calendar of upcoming or current events. A number of sections enable participants to include additional personal specifics, as well as information about their social networks, streams, videos and other updates. And it’s all in one place.

Technology used:

  • PHP

  • Lumen

  • MySQL

  • AngularJS

  • NodeJS

What’s in it for you?

  • Create and schedule
  • Manage one or more
    players and teams
  • Stream and promote
    gaming events
  • View and follow statistics
  • Customize your own profile
    or that of your team
  • PCheck tournament
    progress and scores

eSporter Main Features

  • Overview and organization of tournaments

  • Participating or observing tournaments

  • Management of rooms, outlooks, teams & individual profiles

  • Game results tracking and achievements

  • Real-time scores

  • Free online registration

  • Scheduling events and matches

  • Customization settings and options for personalization

  • Online streaming and viewing

Tournament Management & Usability

The system supports individual user-based and team-based tournaments. That allows users to take part in a tournament individually, in a team or both. They can create their own website for free, stream events and contests on some of the biggest video platforms, including or YouTube.

Tournament Management & Usability
Customization Settings & Features

Customization Settings & Features

In order to benefit the most from management flexibility, easiness and uniqueness, competitors have the chance to create tailor-made brackets, change colors, menu options and more. Organizers of tournaments can customize, design and redesign different schemes for their tournaments. They can manage tournament titles, rooms and names of winners at any time and in any way.

Results, Teams & Player Statistics

All of the results appear in real time on the website so that fans, players and spectators can be updated. To simplify the process of running a tournament and keeping up with its progress, there are detailed statistics and information available by teams or individual player.

Results, Teams & Player Statistics
Communication & Information Collection

Connection, collection of information and communication

eSporter gathers relevant information about tournaments, gaming events and players from different social networks, and stores it in one place. As a community-led platform, it enables gamers to communicate, exchange news, share updates and celebrate results in the comment section.

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